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Yes, we offer loans to meet almost every need. Check these borrowing options for good reasons and for all seasons !

- emergency funds
- medical expenses
- tuition for a 2nd career
- home appliances and furniture - computer and technology items

Recreational vehicle loans:
- motorcycle, motor home, boat, airplane

Vacation loan for a dream cruise or family reunion

Share-secured loan:
- a smart borrowing option --- interest rate is 3% above the dividend rate on share/certificate pledged as collateral.

Get the car, van, SUV, or truck you need even in these tough times -- through your Credit Union. Rates as low as 1.99% APR!
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HUD FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Members and Members-to-be

9.90% APR VISA Credit Card
Your go anywhere,
do anything card

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You must OPT-IN to
Overdraft Protection!

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